Our Team

Agnieszka Brzózka, M.A.

psychologist, psychotherapist, Sensory Integration therapist

A graduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the School of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy. A member of the Polish Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy. A director of Psycho-pedagogical Centre and founder of the Foundation for children with developmental disorders.

She gained her experience while working in educational and therapeutic centres, and also in the day ward of Neuropsychiatric Mazowiecki Center. She works with children, youth and families and conducts group training focused on social skills, communication and assertiveness.
Privately, a travel enthusiast and the mother of 5-year-old Lenka.

Sometimes, to make the first step, you need someone's help.

Adrianna Głąbska, M.A.

Neurological Speech Therapist

She graduated from the Faculty of Polish Studies with a specialization in speech therapy at the University of Warsaw, she completed the course on the "Dyna-Lingua, M.S." method in the Laboratory of Psychostimulation in Wroclaw and post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Neurological Speech at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Through numerous internships and professional work, she gained experience in working with children in preschool and school age with different educational needs, with delayed speech development, with various developmental disabilities and speech impediments. Adrianna is interested in speech therapy and the development of eating and speaking abilities in the child as well as fluency shaping techniques. She was a volunteer at the neonatal unit at a Warsaw hospital, where she learned the importance of early therapeutic action.

In her work she follows the child, taking into consideration his/her needs, physical conditions and mental health. Her workshop is based on Wroclaw therapeutic method "Dyna Lingua MS", called the psychostimulant method of shaping the development of speech and thinking. As a speech therapist, she undertakes activities that are aimed at activating the natural tendencies of development of the child. Through close contact with patients, a world of sounds, colors and textures, she tries to encourage motivation to speak. With those patients who already speak, she develops their speech, taking care of the aspect of communication and articulation.

Weronika Lorens, M.A.

Special educator, therapist, Sensory Integration therapist, Hand Therapy therapist

A graduate and PhD student at Warsaw University.
She conducts diagnosis and pedagogical therapy, Sensory Integration therapy, Hand Therapy (has experience in working with children with Celebral Palsy, hypotonic children, children with global developmental disorders, and school-age children with graphomotor problems.)

She has several years of experience in therapeutic work with children with Autistic Spectrum. She gained her experience through numerous internships and volunteering in therapeutic, educational care and diagnostic centres e.g.: the Therapists Association, the Be Closer to Each Other Foundation, the Autism Therapy Centre Synergis, the Therapy and Development Centre ‘Speech lessons’, therapeutic kindergarten facilities, where she conducted individual and group therapies, as well as hand therapies. She completed numerous courses and workshops in the field of early intervention, diagnosis and treatment of children with general developmental disorders, learning difficulties and mutism.

She conducted individual therapy during rehabilitation camps for children with autistic spectrum disorders organized by the Therapy Centre Synergis in cooperation with the travel agency Tairon.

She adjusts her methods of work to the individual needs of children, based on the diagnosis created on the basis of careful observation supported by consultation with parents. She is fascinated by human development in all its forms and constellations.

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