Little Peaceful Mind
Non-public Psycho-pedagogical Centre

We are here to give time, understanding and warmth to all children who need it. Our help is not only a very big support for children, but, most of all, it provides assistance in solving problems, coping with difficulties, and finally stimulating the development of both healthy and disabled little-big people.

Our team consists of high-performance specialists.

Please read detailed information about the people who devote their energy to working with children and youth.
The time spent at Little Peaceful Mind is not merely a job for them, but first and foremost it’s a mission and responsibility for another human being.
Find out why the affiliated therapists at Little Peaceful Mind decided to pursue their profession and what way they had to go in order to be able to provide help at the highest level.

Non-public Psycho-pedagogical Centre

The therapy is carried out through play, in which children feel safe, free and careless.


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